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We do not encourage returns of our items because our dedicated team will ensure that they have sent you an item as per your specification. But sometimes if it may not fit, the customer will therefore be willingly replaced with a respective size.

What if the item does not fit.

Just return it to us and will be more than willing to exchange it if for a different size. Please note that you should be careful when trying the item so as not to leave any marks such as lipstick or deodorants as we might not be able to accept it back if we believe it has been worn and damaged. Our team will make sure they have sent you an item without any damage.

How long do I have to return an item

We offer 3 working days for customers outside Mombasa region to return the product counting from the date he/she received the item, and one day for customers within Mombasa.

How do I return

Email us on with full details of the item and return dates.

Please note that delivery charges for the exchanged item will be incurred by the client.

Do not remove any tags for the items.

Items like earrings’, underwear if any and perfumes (if the wrapper has been removed) will not be accepted for return.

We do not replace or exchange an item for another item, we only replace the same item for a different size, unless that particular size is not available in our stores.